Young Jeezy Feat. YG, Kendrick Lamar & Chris Brown – R.I.P (Remix)
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Young Jeezy Feat. YG, Kendrick Lamar & Chris Brown – R.I.P (Remix)

Peace out 2 Chainz

Welcome YG, Kendrick Lamar and Chris Breezy. This star studded ensemble pushes the original R.I.P to new hardcore heights. Just listening to it makes me want to to the crip walk (see below).


I typically have a problem with Remixes because in recent days (past 2000’s) it seems like they use the same beat but pepper it with new guest stars. Sure it sounds different but that’s like eating brown bread instead of white. You’re still eating a sandwhich!

I’ll let this one pass though, mainly because Young Jeezy is still a boss with his rhymes and Chris Brown delivers a decent singer to Toronto Rapper, Drake (sorry dude, I like your music but Chris gave you a good one).

Hear Chris go on at the 2:45 mark saying,

“If you started from the bottom go on and come out the closet.”

Weird that Kendrick would want to be associated considering he just released Poetic Justice with Drake in the last few weeks.

I guess there are no real alliances when you’re trying to gain as much fame as you can.

Young Jeezy Feat. YG, Kendrick Lamar & Chris Brown – R.I.P (Remix)

Here’s the original. Sounds the same. Hermmm….

Young Jeezy – R.I.P. (Explicit) ft. 2 Chainz

What do you think? Is the Remix as strong or stronger than the original? Should Drake retaliate and throw his toys around?

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