Usher – Climax (Figgy Remix)
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Usher – Climax (Figgy Remix)

An Echoing Climax

It’s another Throwback Thursday and I wanna cover my ass and say that Climax is not old. Yeah, its been out for over a year but I figured with all this new music coming out you may have forgotten this jam.

For a refresher, here it be:

Usher – Climax

Released as the lead single for Usher’s 2012 album Looking for Myself, I honestly didn’t think it would get the reception and respect it got upon release.

After my first listen, I really thought it was too whiny but it slowly grew on me. If I were to compare this track it would be to a house party.

Picture this: the scene is blasting dance music, everyone has their cool polo shirts on a hot summer’s night. Then walks in the kid with the chequered shirt. He looks the same as everyone but is slightly odd. He looks edgy in a conservative fashion. No one has ever seen a chequered shirt before. Fast forward a few parties later, everyone is wearing a chequered shirt.

Usher is the kid that makes chequered shirts cool. In this situation, he doesn’t stand full out but incorporates the popular sound into something else. This electronic slow jam is what brought back alot of Usher’s old fans who missed his raw R&B days.

I don’t think many disagreed as Climax reached number 1 on the US & UK R&B and Hip Hop charts.

Figgy, an NYC native, gave Ush’s Climax a jolt and below you’ll hear his product.

Usher – Climax (Figgy Remix)

The echoes really got to me. Feels like I’m in some type of cave lounge getting my next G&T. Lights are low and emitting from the ground and the music is just bouncing off the walls.

Figgy is smart turning this electro slow jam into a dance pop tune. Its inviting. Not too hard and it retains the vocal spirit of the original.

Great job Figgy. He has a few more other remixes from the likes of Drake, Miguel and other stars of today. Better check his website out at

For the download of this amazing track give the man a like on this page here:

We’re also on that and twitter as well:

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Holla back and let us know what you think of the jam.

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