Trey Songz Feat. Mario – Can’t Help But Wait (Remix)
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Trey Songz Feat. Mario – Can’t Help But Wait (Remix)

A Two Version Remix and Mash Up

It’s Slow Jam Sundays so name your favourite track. Chances are there were other artists that tested the tune out. When we’re lucky enough we get to hear alternative versions and that’s the case today.

It’s a 2007 jam that’s one of my all time favourites (yeah I’m a softie). Trey Songz’s Can’t Help But Wait was produced by super duo Stargate and written by the talent Johnta Austin. Trey is waiting for a girl to come to her senses and leave her bad situation for him.

Trey Songz – Can’t Help But Wait

Mario had his own version called, If. It’s a different spin talking about how he’s not getting the love from his lady and that maybe he should be looking for it elsewhere.

Mario – If

I was lucky enough to stumble across the If track with another iteration. Looks like Beyonce had her time with the lyrics. Instead of ladies she’s talking about dudes. It didn’t make the cut for the B Day Deluxe Album which is too bad because it’s actually pretty decent as well.

Beyonce – If

Trey and Mario combined make a good track. The below track may not be the best work to bring these two together but there’s no doubt these two could probably sell a few tickets. So if you can excuse the bad cutting you should click the play button for the below vid.

Trey Songz – Can’t Help But Wait Remix ( Feat. Mario )

Also check out this slick remix laced with the slight synth hits and heightened bass. I like where Zouk took it. The slow integrity of the song was maintained giving Trey a different angle in crooning for his lady.

Trey Songz – Can’t Help But Wait (Zouk Remix)

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