Top 10 Pharrell Happy Remixes
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Top 10 Pharrell Happy Remixes

The ten best Happy remixes and mash ups!

Think about the last 10 weeks. What did you do? Maybe you went to work and finished up some crazy reports. Or you were at school wrapping up a crazy group assignment. Hopefully during those weeks you managed to pick up your day by listening to Pharrell’s Happy. Chances are you heard it because it spent a little under 3 months at the top of the charts  in the United States, United Kingdom, Australia and 21 other countries. It even almost won an Academy Award but was beaten out by Idina Menzel’s Let It Go.

Pharrell Williams – Happy (Official Music Video)

*side note – Love the music video cameos from Jamie Foxx, Kelly Osborne, Odd Future and Steve Carell. They look damn Happy!

Pharrell shouldn’t be Frozen with failure (see what I did there) as he dominated the first part of 2014 and followed up on two of his other massive singles, Blurred Lines and Get Lucky. The guy has cemented his cred as not only a solid producer (he’s been doing that since The Neptunes days in 1992) but as an artist as well.

It’s only natural that a massive single will inspire others to create some pretty fine mash ups, remixes and covers. Without further ado, here are the top 10 alternate finds of Happy.

10. Pharrell Williams – Happy (The Astronotes Poolside Remix)

Chilling at number 10 is The Astronotes Poolside remix. This version of Happy is a mellow mid tempo track ideal for the lounge and when you want some rest and relaxation.

9. Pharrell Happy (The Shoes Remix)

The Shoes Remix is a hard orchestra-ic version of the light original. It’s epic in sound scale and will make you run that extra mile. Perfect for the gym or a hard dance routine.

8. Pharrell – Happy (Play-n-Skillz Trap Remix)

I’ve been listening to Play-n-Skillz for over a decade and these two producers from Texas are the next best export besides the beef. Juan “Play” Salinas and Oscar “Skillz” Salinas have done remixes for almost everyone in the music business. Froms Lil Wayne to Snoop Dogg, these two brothers never hesitate to pull the trigger on a remix. They HAD to make the top 10 Happy list because of their production skills adapting to the current sound environment. Usually going heavy into Hip Hop, these guys knocked it out of the park with their trap version of Happy. A perfect example of venturing our of your comfort zone to make something solid.

7. Pharrell – Happy (It’s The Kue Remix!)

If you were waiting for a bouncy dance track then Kue`s Happy Entry will make you…well…Happy! Kue did a great job twiting the light hearted original into a club floor filler. It`s not as crazy as the trap stuff and that`s why I think it`ll be picked up by a bigger audience. Good stuff Kue.

6. Pharrell and Janelle Monáe – Be Happy (flipboitamidles Mash Up)

From Chino, producer flipboitamidles releases a slick track combining the likes of Janelle Monáe and Big Boi`s Tightrope with Pharrell`s Happy.  I almost forgot about Janelle`s breakout hit as it`s been nearly 5 years since her appearance on the charts. To loop in such an old track for a mash up with one of today`s best takes a crazy ability to remember the music catalogue. That`s why you can count on flipboitamidles to be that mash up ninja and create something that pretty much surpasses the originals.

5. Pharrell Williams – Happy (NEUS Remix)

This is what Happy would sound like if the major record labels wanted a re-release or official remix. Heavier bass, some guitar and a sprinkle of keyboard makes Neus`remix ideal for pop radio play.

4. Pharrell – Happy (DJCLEO1 Refix)

From South Africa, Dj Cleo delivers a midtempo build up track to sooth your eardrums with some organ goodness. The beat goes at a steady pace so you can keep up with it and ride the cool sound waves. I can feel the wind already.

3. Pharrell – Happy (ForteBowie 1988 SOUL TRAIN EDIT)

Creative and original remixes always win me over. Atlanta`s ForteBowie has both of those qualities and he rocks! He  has been master crafting the slow jam angle on a few tracks and Happy was one of the lucky one`s to receive treatment. Long live slow jams. Long live remixes from ForteBowie!

2. Pharrell Vs The Bee Gee’s – Stayin’ Happy (Discosid Mashup)

Just when you thought Happy couldn`t make you smile or dance any more, Discosid comes out of nowhere to shake the remix scene up with his mash up. Combining the current chart topper with the legendary Bee Gee`s, Discosid teleports you through the past and present for a future sounding jam. Hop along for the ride and don`t worry about the seat belt for this one.  ; )

1. Michael Jackson vs. Pharrell Williams – Happy Beat (Rudec Mashup)

This is pretty timely. The day I publish this post is the same week Michael Jackson`s posthumous album, Xscape, hits stores. That`s not the reason why this grabs the number 1 spot, rather, the mash up of this jam is excellently executed. I am sure there are other remixes or mash ups that use Beat It as the base track, but, take a moment to imagine that you`ve never heard of either track. From that light you would think this is an original track all to itself. Also, I have to give a hand to the hilarious album art. Great work Rudec. Keep the mash ups going!

As usual, I`ll leave you with some sweet choreography for this fun song

Chris Urteaga Hip Hop “Happy” by Pharrell Williams

Pharrell Williams – Happy (choreography by Mia Valentina)

Do you know of a remix that should make this list? If so, enter it into the comment below or share what your favourite one is.

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