Top 10 Mark Ronson and Bruno Mars Uptown Funk Remixes
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Top 10 Mark Ronson and Bruno Mars Uptown Funk Remixes

The Best Mark Ronson and Bruno Mars Uptown Funk Remix

I’m so happy the Uptown Funk has been dominating the music charts for the past few weeks. It’s really cool to see a non conventional track rocket straight to the top. In fact, this is very reminiscent of Pharrell’s Happy.

Sure, it has Bruno Mars as a heavy backer but who would have thought the funk would win the general pop public over!

As a quick recap, here is the original goodness:

Mark Ronson Feat. Bruno Mars – Uptown Funk

I like how simple and fun this music video is. Mark, Bruno and their crew didn’t need anything super flashy or fancy to get the funk across. Just some really nice cuts and raw talent!

After conducting a bit of a search, I’ve pulled the top Uptown Funk remixes, covers and mash ups for this great track. The following are the ones that really bubbled to the top but don’t take my word for it. You decide!

DJSkillz – Music All Gold (Uptown Funk Mash-Up)

Sprinkle a little bit of ‘street’ into the Uptown Funk and what do you get? A mash up with Atlanta based rapper, Trinidad James and his hit, “All Gold Everything.” It surprisingly mashes pretty well and when it works…it WORKS!

Ellie Goulding & Bruno Mars Vs. Madonna – Love Me Like Uptown Funk (DJ DEELIRIOUS Mash Up)

Dj Deelirous delivers a dance mash up to support some of the biggest artists on the current pop charts. One of the happens to be Uptown Funk. #obvious #goodmusic

Mark Ronson feat Bruno Mars Vs Led Zeppelin – Whole Lotta Uptown Funk (Djs From Mars Bootleg)

Dj’s From Mars went back in time to link up a power music star track. Mark Ronson and Bruno Mars join the rocking ranks fo led Zepplin to deliver a head banging Uptown rock jam!

Mark Ronson (Ft. Bruno Mars) – Uptown Funk (Codeko Remix)

Get your dancing shoes on as Codeko releases an dance tune to electrify the original funk!

YONAS – Uptown Funk (Remix)

Brilliant! Yonas takes inspiration from the Uptown Funk instrumental and flawlessly spits out rhymes in lightning speed fashion. He reminds me of Twista with a Kanye type of swagger.  If you don’t believe me, just watch…. 1:33.

Roel Regelink – Saddle Uptown Funk (rrremix mashup)

Amsterdam based producer, Roel combines the powers of David Christie’ Saddle and Mark Ronson’s original to create super chill mash up entry. Love the keyboard on this sucker.

Mark Ronson & Ed Sheeran – Uptown Funk & Don’t (Matt Rhodes MASHUP)

Hold up and check to see the comments below.

Mark Ronson (ft. Bruno Mars) – Uptown Funk (Daeho Cover)

Both Matt and Daeho brough the funk back to basics with the only assistance coming from their guitar and raw talent. Well done gents, you’ve further helped sell me on this song and all of the awesome artists who support it.

Mark Ronson – Uptown Funk Ft. Bruno Mars (Luke Million Edit)

Australian based producer, Luke Million, threw Uptown Funk into the future and it came back sounding a lot like the above. If the Uptown Funk fused with a robot this would be the result and it would be party time all of the time.

Mark Ronson – Uptown Funk (Fingadalic Remix)

If you’re suffering from the lack of funk and bounce in the original then Fingadalic has what you’re looking for. His remix is the medicine and it works INSTANTLY!

Uptown Funk – Bruno Mars l Choreography by Mati Napp

I found this choreography mind blowing so I had to share it. The ‘one-shot’ look reminds me of the filming style of the movie, Birdman. This is where you never really see any cut scenes but rather one continuous shot.

I think this is more impressive because the choreography has to be spot on from ALL parties to make this work. Fine, it’s not a 2 hour movie but 2 minutes worth of dancing can definitely rival it. Good wardrobe, good movies, good video. Mark and Bruno – you two better check this out!


WAIT! Why stop at 10 when I found a few covers, remixes and mash ups to rock your playlist!

Bruno Mars & Mark Ronson- Uptown Funk Remix (Kay’Vion SireKay’Vion Sire Cover)

Kay’Vion Sire and his band of brothers are just downright fun in their remake. Definitely worth the special shout and makes me want to get a suit!

Instant Party! Secrets Uptown Funk (Remix)

Did you order Uptown Funk supersized in trap? Well, here it is served hot and fresh from Instant Party! Secrets. Insanity happens at the 1:01 mark.

Merlijn van Hengel – Get’cha Head in the Uptown Funk (MASHUP)

A non conventional chart topper receives a non conventional mash up. Merlijn van Hengel, a producer from the Netherlands, combines the Highschool Musical track Get’cha Head in the Game with the Uptown Funk and somehow makes it work! Love the basketball sounds and the motivational message.

Which is your favourite? What did we miss? Comment below!

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