Top 10 Lorde Royals Remixes
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Top 10 Lorde Royals Remixes

The Best Lorde Royals Remix

It’s official. The Kiwi born 16 year old has risen to the international charts and is riding high with her golden single, Royals.

If you’ve been living under a rock with no phone or light here’s the video:

Lorde – Royals

As of today, Lorde is number 1 across 5 different countries and shows no signs of stopping. I can see why because Royals strikes a personal chord wherever you may be in the world. Popdust has a great article discussing how the Royals single could be her downfall if she doesn’t treat her new found stardom correctly.

I can see why. If you are singing about being down to earth and not needing diamodns, Cristal or Maybach’s then you have to back up that claim! But hey, we’re not here to judge Lorde, but rather showcase the great music she has influenced.

And with that…here are the top 10 remixes we found for Royals.

10. Lorde Feat. Gilbere Forte – Royals (RAAK Remix)

The first of many rap remixes you’ll hear on the internet. This one stands out because Gilbere delivers the lyrical fire making this ordinary pop tune into a rapper’s delight.

10. Lorde Feat. Rick Ross – Royals (Remix)

I tied Rick Ross’ version with Gilbere’s because they both have spot on lyrical delivery. Rick Ross’ version may not have shaken up the original beat as much as Gilbere’s but it deserves a mention.

 9. Lorde – Royals (Cavalier Beats Remix)

From pop to hip hop can get messy, and in the end sound cheap. Cavalier avoids the disaster in his version of Royals with some great hi hats, claps and horns. Ricky and Gilbere should have used this beat!

8. Lordes Feat. The Weeknd – Royals (The Weeknd Remix)

The Weeknd threw in some synths and his own vocals to spice up Royals. Even though he never really sings anything (you more or less croons and throws in a few Ahhhs) it sounds like a track that would have made it to the radio. Get it on with the cool and chill.

7. Lorde – Royals (Magnifik Remix)

A stripped down lighter version of the original. If you’re looking for some easy listening while you’re working or studying you may want to catch this download.

6. Lorde – Royals (Lazerdisk Remix)

If Lorde did an 80’s disco track it would be commanded by Lazerdisk. This track is what puts the groove in groovy. Get the funk in the download!

5. Lorde – Royals (Yinyues Remix)

No remix list would come without an EDM track. Here is the first variation and it’s softer than the ones to come. We are totally digging the build from beginning to the end.

4. Lorde – Royals (CAKED UP Remix)

All the kids are listening to trap music these days. The Trap genre is really growing on me and so will this remix from Caked Up. Don’t let the beginning trick you into thinking it’s hip hop, Caked Up clearly knows what type of track this wants to be and it makes us bob our heads.

3. Lorde – Royals (Dustin Que Trap Remix)

To date, the best EDM version of Royals we’ve found on the interwebs. This is the type of Trap that makes me want to listen to more from the genre. The cuts and production are great and the epic build up is spectacular.

2. Lorde – Royals (Jean Raw Mix)

We’re suckers for the lighter side of dance music and that’s why the Jean Raw Mix is our number 2. Thanks to Jean Raw for allowing us to dance uber happy. : )

1. Lorde – Royals (Until The Ribbon Breaks Reimagination)

For those expecting number 1 to be an off the wall party blaster – we’re going to disappoint. Number 1 went to the Until The Ribbon Breaks Reimagination mix. It’s a bit of new age stuff and take a bit of time to get into but it re-imagines Royals into a whole new light and it does it in a professional way. We love our party and hip hop jams but give major props when a song this popular is redone in a whole new perspective.

Hope you enjoyed this feature and let us know which one was your favourite.

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