Top 10 Katy Perry Dark Horse Remixes
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Top 10 Katy Perry Dark Horse Remixes

The ten best Dark Horse mash ups, covers and remixes!

The first time I heard Dark Horse, I knew it was going to make a big splash. I honestly didn’t think the pop masses would shoot it to number one given the ‘dark-ish’ type of tone. However, it does have a sound that isn’t common on the radio and Katy Perry always delivers hypnotic vocals. I don’t even think they added in Juicy J for the street cred either, he really does lend some push into this track.

As usual, I’ve scoured the interwebs to find you the Top 10 hottest remixes, mash ups and covers to sink your ears into. Let’s revisit the old track and then check out what the top 10 picks are!

Katy Perry – Dark Horse (Official) ft. Juicy J

10. Pitbull feat. Katy Perry – Dark Horse (Remix)

I couldn’t leave out the official remix off the list. As much as I hate Pitbull, he does well on some remixes. Replacing Juicy J, he comes in with a more pop flow than Juicy J and it all goes alright.

9. Jay Z & Katy Perry – Dark Ford (Tom Ford & Dark Horse MASH UP)

I see where this is going and it’s pretty bad ass. The jigga man always kills it and the mash up with his Tom Ford and Katy’s Dark Horse sound like a logical dark choice.

8. Katy Perry Feat. Juicy J – Dark Horse (Manhattan Clique Radio Edit)

Now we get into our EDM fix. Here we have an uplifting track from the Manhattan Clique. It’s a candy dance tune that is perfect for your energy high.

7. Katy Perry X Beast Coast All Stars – Dark Horse (Loop Ocean Remix)

Number 7 is a down played version off the original Dark Horse. I love how laid back and chill it is. Perfect for a lounge type of mood.

6. Katy Perry X Alesso X Juicy J X One Republic – Lose My Dark Horse

What do you get with a base mix of Alesso and One Republic along with a shot of Katy Perry and Juicy J? The perfect musical cocktail. It goes down smooth and makes for a great evening.

5. JDVBBS – Dark Horse (Remix)

JDVBBS owns this track and makes Katy his sidekick. Just take a listen at his sick lyrical flow in the beginning then hang tight for his production. Very very nice.

4. J-Hype- White Horse (Katy Perry “Dark Horse” Remix / Cover) Feat. AC

Number 4 comes in with an original cover remix! I’ve been following J Hype for awhile now and he’s never been better. Just listen to his creativity as he totally turns Katy’s Dark Horse upside down. If you like EDM and R&B (ala some of Usher’s new stuff) then hit the download on this one.

3. Katy Perry vs. Muse – Dark Horses Are Running Out

A little guitar never hurt anyone. Especially not this Dark Horse version. It’s like movie unfolding something new at every beat. Pure goodness!

2. Katy Perry- Dark Horse (Dirty Pop Deconstruction)

DirtyPop scores high on the list for his sheer attention to production. His remake is just as effective as the original in making music sound like it’s chart topping. You never really know what he is going to dish out next but you’ll love the ride.

1. Katy Perry – Dark Horse Ft. Juicy J (Elephante Remix)

Elephante took the number 1 spot because he knows how to play out the climax. He teases you along the way with a solid slow build up then pushes you over the dance cliff into a sea of pure awesome. When you come out drenched he’ll then push you back in AGAIN!

In closing…

What was your favourite? Was there a version you think should have made the cut? I’ll leave you with those questions and wicked choreography from Matt Steffanina. You should see the kids just tear it up!

DARK HORSE – @KatyPerry Dance Cover | @MattSteffanina

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