The Lumineers – Teach Me How To Ho Hey (Vicious Mashup)
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The Lumineers – Teach Me How To Ho Hey (Vicious Mashup)

Ho Hey Gets A Little Harder

A few days ago I showed you an urban Mike Posner remix of The Lumineer’s Ho Hey, today I think I found something just as good from Dj Vic Vicious. Don’t expect another vocal rendition from Vicious, he’s taken the remix route and pumped in more sound.

It’s a little harder than Mike’s remix but still retains the slow laid backness of the original Ho Hey. I love the cuts of rappers Vicious slides in and, even more, the drum action. Did we just hear Jay Z?

Below is where you can listen to Vicious’ Remix (or Mash Up considering there are additional vocals from others).

Teach Me How To Ho Hey (Vicious Mashup)

A quick recap, here’s the original inspiration.

The Lumineers – Ho Hey

Dj Vic Vicious can be found at his Soundcloud page and you should visit. There are a couple of golden nuggets to be found there.

What do you think? Who’s stood out more?

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