The Best 2014 End Of The Year Mashups
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The Best 2014 End Of The Year Mashups

Top 10 Best Mashups of 2014

As we come to a close of another year we can count on the following to ALWAYS happen:

1. Eggnog hitting stores shelves – Yes. The milky diabetic causing sugary drink is now available in your local supermarket for the holiday season. So good!

2. Food comas – No matter how hard you try to resist you’re going to go for that 3rd helping.

3. MASH UPS! – The ear candy goodness that even Eggnog can’t top!

Instead of ranking each mash ups, I figured that every single submission is equally as awesome in their own right, so I am making an early New Year’s resolution to simply present the top 10 best mash ups for 2014. If you’re looking for a play and go playlist, you can start with this: Be warned, some of the goodness I couldn’t find on SoundCloud so scroll to the bottom to check out the rest!


In no particular order, here are the top 10 I’ve found thus far:

 DJ Earworm Mashup – United State of Pop 2014 (Do What You Wanna Do)

First number on the list is from the grandfather of them all DJ Earworm. Heavy into the mash up game for over 7 years, Earworm delivers another solid jam to the masses by keeping a small playlist to deliver the maximum mash up effect. You’re unstoppable Earworm. Keep it up!

 Isosine – Nonstop Pop 2014 Mashup

I’ve been a fan of Isosine since Hearts. He’s a little hard to track down on the social networks but whenever a track is released the web takes notice. This guy packs some serious punch into each of his Mash Up mixtures – see what I did there? – : ) I strongly think it’s because of his attention to detail. You can even tell from his Nonstop Pop 2014 Mashup that he is a perfectionist. Did you see/hear how the bass corresponding with the flickering lights at the 0:26 mins mark?

Also, did you see the nifty song break down by time stamp on the bottom left hand corner?

Perfection. Never let the pop stop Isosine!

 Dan Kim – Pop Danthology 2014

Rising star Dan Kim continues his hot streak with his 2014 entry, Pop Danthology 2014. It’s up there with the rest and he’s also pretty clever on how he includes a few other unconventional songslike Jimmy Fallon’s Ew and the Chainsmokers’ Sefie.

The 2:10 mark is where its at. #godancecrazy

 Robin Skouteris – PopLove 3 (2014)

Robin Skouteris takes us through an emotional roller coaster in PopLove 3. It starts slow with a piano balled then throws us over the cliff into a deep dance pop extravaganza. The track continues to progress through dance then house and finally winds down with a little bit of trap. I’m super digging the Anaconda mash up at 9:10. Fiya!

Victor Lin – Made in 2014 (Year-end Mashup featuring 45 Pop Songs)

I’m an urban junkie and love the fact that Victor included one of my 2014 favourites, Tinashe – 2 On! The segment starts at 2:33 with the instrumental making its bad ass rounds. Props on the instrumental and vocal break down per segment. A rock solid wrap up mash up!

PS – Included the SoundCloud in case you wanted a download.

 AnDyWuMUSICLAND – Let Go (Mash Up 2014)

88 of the biggest songs from 2014 in one 7 minute track. Other mashers included only the top billboard charters but not Andy. He opened it up to the lesser known and the result is a bang up club hit. Go crazy!

 Dj Dreamport – Let Go (2014 Mashup)

Not to be confused with Andy’s track, Dj Dreamport keeps it light  in his Let Go mash up. Dreamport mainly buddies up with Taylor Swift’s Shake It Off instrumental to create a plaful wrap up of 2014.

You can click here to download his track from his Facebook page.

 MBMMIXES16 – Dance to the pop 2014

MBMMIXES16 sticks with 33 songs and, like Andy Wu, includes a few others that didn’t quite make the top of the Billboard charts. Shout out for shining the spot light on upcoming acts like Little Mix, Fifth Harmony!

For the download you can check out this box link.

Dj Magic Baron – Pop Mega Mashup Mix 2014

If you are hoping for a more face paced mash up then you may want to check out Dj Magic Baron’s release. Strap those dancing shoes on as Baron jams through 36 tracks of pulse pounding goodness.

Raheem D – 2014 A Year In Music (Mashup) #AYearInMusic

I’ve been following the UK based producer, Raheem D, for awhile now and his craft keeps on getting better. This track is no exception as it fully encompasses the pop vibe of 2014. Definitely worthy of a place on your playlist. 1:18 is bumpin!

IM5 – Best Of 2014 Mashup

How cool is it to have an end of the year mash up with these cover artists? Congrats gents on a silky smooth cover mash up.

DJ Drybones – Top Pop Songs Of 2014 Mashup (How I Feel)

Okay, so I lied, we’re on the 11th track. There were just too many to fit on a top 10 list!

If your party is dying down, consider pulling this Dj Drybones track to light it up again! He liberally uses Katy Perry’s Dark Horse but it’s acceptable considering the hotness this track delivers!

Dj Energy Best of Pop 2014 (Mega Mash Up)

Another deejay I’ve been following for awhile. Dj Energy is a friggin sport by always keeping the music alive. His accounts keep on getting shut down from Soundcloud but he manages to always pop back. So happy he’s back with another hit and the crazyness it brings at the 2:31 mark!

That’s a wrap! What’s your favourite mash up from the list above? Sound off in the comments below and bring on 2015!

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