T.I. and What So Not – Touch (acquaintance Mash Up)
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T.I. and What So Not – Touch (acquaintance Mash Up)

Rap Twerking Mash Up

It’s Thursday and that means we are going to throw it back! Today, Dallas Mash Up artist, acquaintance, bring us back to 2006 when this monster smash put T.I. on the public map.

T.I. – What You Know

Hitting number 1 on the R&B/Rap Billboard charts, acquaintance combined What You Know’s with this Twerk track:

Touched – What So Not

And both tracks eventually gave life to this great piece:

T.I. and What So Not – Touch (acquaintance Mash Up)

Wait until you hit the 2 minute mark. T.I.’s southern rap flow is enhanced by the electronic keys to breath new life into an old jam. Great job acquaintance.


Looks like the track was taken down but I found a 1 minute filler here:


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