Swizz Beatz Feat. Tyga – Everyday Birthday (DJ Felli Fel Remix)
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Swizz Beatz Feat. Tyga – Everyday Birthday (DJ Felli Fel Remix)

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Sometimes, you have a good thing but then something else comes along that makes it better. It’s like French Fries. They are good but when you add ketchup (or vinegar or mayo or whatever your fancy) it just becomes more complete. Soooo good!


This is the case with Swizz Beatz and his Everyday Birthday. A nice sounding club jam with some serious back up (looking at you Breezy and Luda). It definitely captures the times and remains a little loyal to Swizz’s Hip Hop roots.

But then comes DJ Felli Fel. He takes the club jam and pumps it with adrenaline. He does away with Chris and Luda and tags in Tyga (nice choice).

Amplifying the bass hits and reducing the lows from the original, Felli creates a consistent energetic rhythm. It’s constantly at a high, the added synthesizers help give a sense of haste that works the dance floor.

Sorry Swizz, not talking bad about you, you’re an amazing producer but Felli added the ketchup. And man, ketchup is so good!

Here it is in all of it’s glory:

Swizz Beatz – Everyday Birthday ft. Tyga (DJ Felli Fel Remix)

And here is the inspiration. Good show :)

Swizz Beatz – Everyday Birthday ft. Chris Brown, Ludacris

There’s a download up there. So hit up the download button on the sound cloud player.

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