Spice Girls, Black Eyed Peas – Wanna Get It Started (Mash Up)
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Spice Girls, Black Eyed Peas – Wanna Get It Started (Mash Up)

A Flipboitamidles Mash Up

Throwback Thursday is here with a Mash Up from Filipino Producer, Flipboitmidles. It’s a special one, as the artists go all the way back to 1996.

First, the base instrumental is an old favourite from 2004, Black Eyed Peas – Let’s Get It Started. Originally, this track was suppose to be aired only for the NBA Playoffs but was given new life because the public loved it so much.

Black Eyed Peas – Let’s Get It Started

Give the people what they want right? Flipboitmidles sure knows a thing or two about that. He went to the extent of sliding in other old favourite that is sure to strike a cord among the Gen Y’s.

Spice Girls – Wannabe

Do I really have to mention how many charts these girls dominated back in 1997 with Wannabe?

Okay I will, over 20! And you’re probably living in one of those countries.

Mashing these two tracks together you get something special from Flipboitmidles’ called, Wanna Get It Started. I have to say, the vocal splicing is just amazing. So clean and fits right into the BEP beat. Love it!

Check it out now.

flipboitamidles –  Wanna Get It Started (Spice Girls x Black Eyed Peas) Mash Up

Grab the download in the SoundCloud player above and hit Flipboitmidles official website.

Give us a shout on Facebook or LinkedIn and let us know what you think of Wanna Get It Started.

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