Raheem D Mash Up and Remix Producer Interview
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Raheem D Mash Up and Remix Producer Interview

Hang time with Remix and Mash Up Artist, Raheem D!

The talented mash up, remix producer and artist, Raheem D, stopped by Remix Release to share his feelings on the current state of music, how he got started, who he admires in the mash up scene and golden nuggets for building a loyal fan base. To hear and see it, check out the interview below!

For those unfamiliar with Raheem D, he’s the mastermind behind gems like these ones:

Raheem D – 2014 A Year In Music (Mashup) #AYearInMusic

I also featured the above goodness in my 2014 End Of The Year Mash Up List


  • He started his Mash Up craft when he was 13 and hasn’t stopped since – that’s a good thing for us!
  • R&B is one of his favourite genres. Even though EDM and dance music have taken over, R&B is still floating around and he’s here to represent it!
  • Jhene Aiko, JoJo and Travis Garland still got it!

Raheem D also gave some props to fellow artists and producers for helping him with his craft:

Dj Earworm – The king and pioneer who ushered in the era of mash ups. You can check out his latest in my end of 2014 Mash Up List.

Daniel Kim – The versatility and inspiration that opened up a wealth of ideas for Raheem to use in his mash ups. Dan is also on our end of 2014 Mash Up List.

Mega Mix Central – For his one artist compilation style. Very fresh and a cool take on how mash ups could be done.

BEYONCÉ – The Visual Megamix

SIR Remix – For keeping it real and true to the R&B and urban scene. Below is Raheem’s favourite mash up from 2014! Pretty slick.

Mariah Carey feat. Johnny Gill – My My My You’re Mine

Finally, Raheem laid down some pretty insightful tips for how he’s getting notice:

Quality over quantity – Rather than spitting out half baked material, hold back and spend that time to release the best work you can possible produce. This way, when you do show your work, people will definitely take notice.

Be consistent – If you do release work, try to be consistent so your fans and potential audience can expect something from you. Build the anticipation like how Dj Earworm follows through with his limited run of mash ups (one summer mix and a end of the year mash up).

Go niche – Building an audience is about being relevant. Raheem has made amazing work for Justin Bieber and Aaliyah fans. In return, these fans follow and support him.

Always be interacting – Interact with your fan base and follow those in your field. Nothing beats networking to help spread your music and making your own fan base feel wanted and appreciated.

Thanks again for listening and leave a comment below about your favourite track. Don’t forget to give some props to Raheem D!

I’ll also leave you with the Skype video chat. Warning, the video started lagging because the conversation started to become too awesome.

You can connect with him through the following:

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