PSY – Gangnam Style (Jayesslee Cover)
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PSY – Gangnam Style (Jayesslee Cover)

Gangnam Style Slowed Down

Can we safely assume the Gangnam style fad has passed? By the end of 2012 the original raked in 1 billion Youtube views becoming one of the most watched videos of the year.

PSY – Gangnam Style

It was fun, catchy and it’s time was well (and maybe a little over) lived. During that time, it spun off thousands of covers and parodies.

One of which was from Australian sisters, Jayesslee.

Jayesslee have been singing since early 2009. They started off singing covers and uploading them to Youtube without any intention on hitting it big. It wasn’t until 2010, they noticed their potential and started off on their singing career.

Luckily they did. The whole world has been watching them brilliantly serenading our radio favourites. Give these two stars a guitar and mic and you’ll be mesmerized.

This especially applies to their cover of Psy’s Gangnam style. Not sure if it was intentional, but this was released months after the original hit Youtube. Holding off on releasing this cover in the midst of all the others may have worked to their advantage. Rather than being buried with the clutter we are reminded of the viral hit in more melodic way. My money is that Psy cried at how well these two sing.

If you don’t believe me, I conveniently have the video right here:

PSY – Gangnam Style (Jayesslee Cover)

Way to go girls. Keep up the amazing work.

You can find more of Jayesslee at or on their Youtube page.

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