Porter Robinson & Mat Zo x Daft Punk x Pink – Easy (Troika Mashup)
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Porter Robinson & Mat Zo x Daft Punk x Pink – Easy (Troika Mashup)

Troika Delivers An Exciting Dream of a Mash Up

When I hit play, I’m imagining a windy, but pleasant, drive along a green mountain ridge. Very chill and also exciting. The sun shining down on the convertible (because that’s the only way to ride along a mountain ridge).

Then at the 1:30 min mark, the car is hurled into a beach side party (don’t worry no one gets hurt), the sun fades and the only light you see are the strobes. Yup, it’s night and it’s party time!!!

The party really gets going near the 3 minute mark when Troika eases Pink into the set. The climax totally delivering after the build up with pure dance craziness!

And like a dream, I suddenly wake up. The feeling of excitement is still there but it slowly trickles away.  I’m not totally sure what just happened but remember it being good. Meaning, the ending was a highlight for us. We need an extended mix for the ending. Get on it Troika!

Without further ado, here is Troika’s track:

Porter Robinson & Mat Zo x Daft Punk x Pink – Easy (Troika Mashup)

And here is the break out of the originals:

Porter Robinson & Mat Zo – Easy (Original Mix)

Daft Punk – One More Time

Pink – Get The Party Started

Troika is showing you some love by letting you download the fresh track (free download is in the SoundCloud Player). Remember to Like him back on his Facebook page here.

We also have another hot review of his other mash up with Avici, Coldplay and friends, click here to read about that one. Warning, it’s dangerously good as well.

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