Ne Yo, Wiz Khalifa Tyga – Reason to Hate (Dj Mustard Remix)
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Ne Yo, Wiz Khalifa Tyga – Reason to Hate (Dj Mustard Remix)

Dj Mustard killed the Dj Felli Fel original

Some of the best club tracks never make it to radio. It’s pretty tragic but luckily the internet came along and saved the crap out of these tunes.

One of the rescued is Reason to Hate from Ne Yo, Wiz Khalfia, Tyga and produced by Dj Felli Fel.

It’s a banger that has an early 2000’s feel and rounds up today’s best acts in the urban music scene. Ne Yo delivers the usual smooth R&B hooks while Wiz and Tyga spit the versus. Check out the track and video below!

Ne Yo, Wiz Khalifa, Tyga – Reason to Hate (Prod. Dj Felli Fel)

Ne Yo has some new grillz. Hermmm…

This wouldn’t be Remix Release without the remix. Enter Dj Mustard. At first you can’t really hear this difference but when you start easing into the jam you’ll notice the subtleties – more piano, hits, vocal punches, bass, synths. Overall it’s just amped up! Hell yah! This is fire Dj Mustard!

Ne Yo, Wiz Khalifa Tyga – Reason to Hate (Dj Mustard Remix)

Overall, I love the message behind on this track. Haters are always going to hate so give them some more reasons to hate ya!

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