Mariah Carey Feat. Miguel & ASAP Rocky – #Beautiful (Remix)
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Mariah Carey Feat. Miguel & ASAP Rocky – #Beautiful (Remix)

Mariah is still fresh

Slow Jam Sunday, which means you’re in for a groove session.

Alright, I’m guilty. Who still thinks MC / Mimi / Mariah is still delicious for the eyes? At 43, she still has the voice and look to rock it like she was back in her 20’s.

Unlike her previous top 40 singles, this song doesn’t go too deep and plays easy for the airwaves. A light ‘crisp’ summer jam the way their marketing heads wanted it to be. Newcomer Miguel adds loads to the track with his urban edge and smooth vocals.

If you haven’t heard yet, you have to here:

Mariah Carey – #Beautiful ft. Miguel

It looks super cheese with the background (faker than Lil Kim’s chest), but it’s fun and gets the points across. Yeah, Mariah, you’re still looking good.

Funny thing was that my ears never perked up to this jam until I heard the remix by A$AP Rocky.

Mariah Carey ft Miguel & ASAP Rocky – #Beautiful (Remix)

A$AP’s flow is top notch and there isn’t enough of him in this remix. I’m amazed how a simple remix could reel you into the original.

Actually what’s even awesomer is the Spanish version.

Mariah Carey – ‘#Beautiful (#Hermosa / Spanish Remix) (ft. Miguel)’

My mind is absolutely blown. Who knew they could get down with Spanish lyrics? Especially MC! D-amn!

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