Lucy Pearl – Dance Tonight (Remixes and Mash Ups)
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Lucy Pearl – Dance Tonight (Remixes and Mash Ups)

Do As The Song Says

Keeping Throwback Thursday alive, today I introduce to you, Lucy Pearl.

Lucy Pearl is almost a one hit wonder group. I say almost because they came out with the smash hit, “Dance Tonight” then followed up with the half hit, “Don’t Mess With My Man”. So 1.5 hit wonder group.

For that reason we are going to focus on, Dance Tonight.

LucyPearlFormed over a decade ago, Lucy Pearl was considered a super R&B group of its time. Super as in the members were already famous before buddying up.

You have Tony! Toni! Toné! member Raphael Saadiq, Ali Shaheed Muhammed and Dawn Robinson of En Vogue. Dance Tonight was their break out hit. It didn’t slay the charts but it was good enough to be nominated for a Grammy – losing to Destiny’s Child, Say My Name.

I know, I’m as shocked as you. Maybe I am a little biased but Dance Tonight really moved me. Not in a emotional cry to myself in the mirror type of way but it made me want to get down. For that reason, Say My Name was good with the message but sometimes you just need to DANCE!

Enough jibba jabba, here is the original:

Lucy Pearl – Dance Tonight

Low key, not over the top but makes you want to hit that replay button. Subtle, I like that.

Daft Punk x Lucy Pearl – Something About Tonight (Finehouse Mash Up)

Another mid tempo jam but mashed with the Daft Punk folks. Electronic vibe to groove to in the elevator.

Lucy Pearl – Dance tonight (Prizefighter Remix)

A faster track with big Busta Busta (Busta Rhymes *ahem). Prizefighter always delivers (like in their Outkast Rosa Parks Remix). It traces back to the hip hop remix era which is very sorrily missed.

I really hope they didn’t disband or quit. The world needs more Prizefighter!

Lucy Pearl x Drake x Usher – Dance Tonight Forever U Don’t Have To Call (Flipout Edit)

This is a mash up with Usher’s You Don’t Have To Call and Drake’s Forever. It’s simply alright because the track is way too short. It gets going then leaves you hanging. Gahhhh! What a tease!


Lucy Pearl – Dance Tonight (Soulpersona Remix)

Other than the Prizefighter Remix, this is my next favourite. For my remixes, I either like it party or slowed down and I always give major props to slow jam remixed.

Go on. Tell us which one your favourite is. Either in the comments below or on Facebook or  Twitter.

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