Leona Lewis vs Drake – Trouble (Find Your Love) (S.I.R. Remix)
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Leona Lewis vs Drake – Trouble (Find Your Love) (S.I.R. Remix)

Upbeat Twist To An Emotional Jam

I’m a fan of producers who can make the oddest pairing work or fuse two already wicked songs into one powerful track. In this instance,  S.I.R took the upbeat tempo of Drake’s Find Your Love and laced it with the  lovely voice of Leona Lewis. The lyrics come from her Trouble jam which is on her relatively new album release, Glass Heart.

And does it ever work!

Trouble is about a bad relationship going worse, while Find Your Love is exactly that, finding true love. Not sure if S.I.R made this intentional, but the opposite themes in this case attract one another.

Check it out here.

Leona Lewis vs Drake – Trouble (Find your Love) (S.I.R. Remix)


Base beat is from Drizzy’s Find Your Love.

Drake – Find Your Love

I’ll admit it, I’m a Drake fan. His breakout single, “Best I Ever Had” was alright but I think what sold me on Drizzy’s rapping  style was “Find Your Love”. It’s probably because I am a slow jam fan but there’s something about his honesty on the track that surprised me. Not many rappers could step up to that, I guess the closest would be Common.

What’s interesting is that Drake confessed that this song should have been performed by a woman. He made it sound like the song would have made more of an impact, and maybe even commercial success, due to the vulnerability showcased.

Here’s what MTV News reported on his blog.

“Find Your Love is an extremely vulnerable song. And it’s actually a huge risk. It almost feels like the song should be performed by a woman. I’m just hoping that men really hear the song and they’re honest with themselves. I know a lot of men feel that way.”

Drizzy bro, I think sticking it through with this track was the best thing that happened to you. Look at your huge female fan base! They are going on about you and probably launched your career. Stick with it and be your own.


And this is where the lyrics come from.

Leona Lewis – Trouble

There are some interesting things that made this song come to be. First off, it was inspired by a childhood break up. Second, the musical influence is from Massive Attack – shocking.

It also features Childish Gambino, who is also making his rounds in the music scene. Fun facts: This track had many inspirations.

1. The tone was inspired by a childhood break up.

2. This song was released as the first single to Leona Lewis’ Glass Heart and Leona challenged others to put out remixes for the track.

That’s so pro Ms. Lewis. You are as clever as you are beautiful.

Grab the S.I.R’s remix quickly before he takes it down from his website. Heck, download his whole remix album. It’s fun and will be the best download you’ve had ever…or maybe today.

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