Lana Del Rey – Ride (Cover by J’Sun feat. Madison)
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Lana Del Rey – Ride (Cover by J’Sun feat. Madison)

Ride Goes R&B

I’ve been following J’Sun for a few years now and this guy is blowing up. All of his covers showcase his amazing vocal range and song writing abilities. When you hit the play button below you’ll notice his R&B approach and it’s appreciated because he’s owning ‘Ride’ (or rather borrowing from Lana Del Rey).

Usually J’Sun goes at it solo but this time he brings in a rap guest star by the name of Madison. He didn’t need to but was probably being a good bro. Madison kills it in the middle when his rhymes rev up to the bridge but it’s always J’Sun who’s going to bring it home.

Proof is right here:

Lana Del Rey – Ride (Cover by J’Sun feat. Madison)

J’Sun is such a master with his craft that he’s always producing videos to accompany his covers. That’s cool, you have to deliver the most emotional impact.

I’m a big fan of his and I just want to slip in his other song. Originally written and produced it’s called Impossible. It’s about losing a Loved One.

J’Sun – Impossible

Support the man J’Sun by leaving a comment below. You can also check out his other covers on his Youtube channel or going to his website:

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