Katy Perry Feat. Mike Candys & Jack Holiday – E.T. Children
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Katy Perry Feat. Mike Candys & Jack Holiday – E.T. Children

An Oldie Given A Second Life

First things first, gigantic props to Robert Miles who influenced Mike Candy and Jack Holiday’s Children (the base beat for this track).


For those who don’t know, the original Children was from Italian trance producer Robert Miles, back in 1995. I remember this track coming out and taking over my life! I was heavy into trance then and this melodic track was all over the radio waves. It reached number 1 in more than 12 countries and Miles probably paved the way for more trance (or dance songs) to be accepted on mainstream dial.

Before we get into the Mash Up, here is the original:

Robert Miles – Children (Dreams Version)

The original version was made without the thunder and such but I thought this was the better version. So good!

Okay so now on to the mash up.

Mike Candy and Jack Holiday did their thing and ‘updated’ Children to please today’s dance crowd. Things are harder and faster now so the kids probably won’t be digging the slow thunder stuff.

Dj Penetration was the mastermind behind this track and he did an excellent job laying Katy’s vocals over Candy and Holiday’s beat (how did he even think of combining these two?).


Booo, looks like the record labels pulled the video down.

Instead here’s a substitute.

PS – Dj Penetration is still good.


The two sounds feel like they were meant to be together and that’s a testament to Dj Penetration’s craftsmanship. He also has a few other solid tracks on his Youtube, so you better check it out here.

As for the downlow of the tracks, they are as follows:

Katy Perry Feat. Kanye West – E.T

Still a very weird video but a nice track back in 2011.

Mike Candy and Jack Holiday – Children

A good track for this day and age. Still love the original though.

You can download all of DJ Penetration’s songs by going through this link (just right click and Save Link As).

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