Kanye West, Linkin Park – Stronger In The End
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Kanye West, Linkin Park – Stronger In The End

When Two Fires Collide…

There comes an INFERNO! That’s what this mash up feels like, a temperature rising track with two classics.

It’s good to hear some familiarity given the crazy stuff these two artists are putting out. Kanye’s latest isn’t making any solid positive impressions (eg. Bound 2) while Linkin Park has gone pretty niche with their rock stuff.

All good though, SmadaLeinad is spotting us by checking into two number one hits from the last decade.

Kanye West – Stronger


Linkin Park – In The End

Triple thumbs up on those two tracks. They are pretty much part of my life playlist and to see this gem below pop up in my Facebook newsfeed just made my week. AWESOME!

Kanye West, Linkin Park – Stronger In The End

It takes a keen ear to see if mash ups fit together and I think¬†SmadaLeinad NAILED this one. Check out his Youtube channel for download instructions and give him props on his Twitter while you’re at it. If you’re curious for more you can also check out his Tumblr page.

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