Justin Timberlake, J Cole, ASAP Rocky, Pusha T – TKO (Remix)
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Justin Timberlake, J Cole, ASAP Rocky, Pusha T – TKO (Remix)

A Knock Out Of A Remix

The official remix for JT’s TKO is out and the music blogs are buzzing. Most of it positive and they should be. The beat is better than the original and today’s biggest rap stars have their verses peppered over this jam to take it to the next level.

This remix did get me thinking…who is it appealing to? The original mainly went for the pop mainstream crowd but was the hip hop community really aching for a Timberlake remix? I get that out of all the N Sync boys, he has most street appeal but I didn’t realize it was enough to get three hip hop heavy weights. Justin, you keep on surprising us.

Justin Timberlake, J Cole, ASAP Rocky, Pusha T – TKO (Remix)

For good comparison, here is the original in all of it’s video glory.

Justin Timberlake – TKO

Give JT some props on Twitter if you’re feeling his new remix.

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