Justin Bieber Vs Jason Derulo – Breathing Around The World (Mash Up)
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Justin Bieber Vs Jason Derulo – Breathing Around The World (Mash Up)

A Super Pop Mash Up

Mash Up Monday is coming at you with some super pop from Raheem D!

There’s Jason Derulo, a very under the radar star, and then there’s the current king of pop (dare I say that?),  Justin Bieber. Bieber is currently out of control walking around the world half naked and saying shit on Twitter but somehow manages to belt out a good tune or two.

Bieber and Luda were pretty weak sauce in All Around The World. It plays as a dance track but was really light. Almost struggling to be dance focused. Or it was possible that he be toned it down so the young ones could handle the bass.

Justin Bieber – All Around The World (Official) ft. Ludacris

On the other hand, Jason Derulo’s Breathing is a respectable dance video and song for the pop masses. It knows what it is, lives on its own and comes with some slick dance moves along with original footage. Side note to Bieber – sorry to blast you but if you’re making truck loads of cash you could have sprung for some new footage instead of asking your cousin to put together the All Around The World music video in iMovie.

Jason Derulo – Breathing (Official Video)

Enter Raheem D

Raheem D noticed the similarities between the two tracks above and put on his lab coat. After his experiment, Raheem formulated  a super pop mash up. Good call as well because it definitely gives Bieber’s version a run for its money. Also, I think Raheem added a few other special musical nuggets to really give the song some backing.

Justin Bieber Vs Jason Derulo – Breathing Around The World (Mashup)

Judging by the responses on Raheem’s Youtube, I think he’s done Bieber and Jason a favour.

Raheem’s hooked everyone up with a download here so go ahead and get your listen on.

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