Jagged Edge Feat. Run of Run DMC – Let’s Get Married (Remix)
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Jagged Edge Feat. Run of Run DMC – Let’s Get Married (Remix)

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So it’s been over a decade since Jagged Edge struck gold with their slow jam, “Let’s Get Married”. Truth of the matter is that dude groups just aren’t that popular any more. There will always be a market for lady hottie groups for eye candy’s sake but the harmonizing fellas are looking at the back seat.JaggedEdge_Img

Jagged Edge was one of the golden guy groups that came after the legendary groups like Boyz II Men and New Edition. They dude alo of slow jam harmonies but then gave some jams a modern (well back then modern) spin. Not many groups did that and that’s how we were left with the epic track, ‘Let’s Get Married’.

First, the JE track reached number 1 on the Billboard US R&B/Hip Hop Charts and 11 on the Pop charts back in 2000. They had a few mild hits (Where The Party At, Walked Outta Heaven) thereafter but none as popular as their break out.

Jagged Edge – Let’s Get Married

The slow jam was good but really kicked in when Jermaine Durpi mixed in some other old school, Run DMC.

I have’t heard of many slow jams turned into full on club tracks and that’s why this one stands out so much.

Jagged Edge Feat. Run of Run DMC – Let’s Get Married (Remix)

In case you haven’t heard of a little group called Run DMC, maybe this might jog your memory.

Run DMC – Its Like That (Original)

Wicked eh? Nowadays you can pretty much remix anything but it will always be more on the dancey side. And personally, I haven’t heard of too many slow songs turned dance floor burners. Thanks for being there for us JE.

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