Heineken Experiment Featuring Armin Van Buuren
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Heineken Experiment Featuring Armin Van Buuren

Good DJ’s Make You Drink Less

That’s the message the number 2 DJ in the world, Armin Van Buuren, said in his recent collaboration with Dutch beer company, Heineken. If you haven’t seen it yet, set aside 2 minutes and take this one in:

Heineken – The Experiment

Only Armin

If the music is good, then people hit the dance floor. The more they dance, the slower they drink.

Well said Armin. If it were anyone else, I would lay a verbal beating on the DJ over that statement. However, in the last decade, since you’ve been ranking top 3 for the world’s top DJs you probably know something about good music*. (Side note, I’ve been listening to Armin’s ‘A State of Trance’ and been a fan boy for over 5 years now).

The Great Team Up

Here lies the perfect example of an alliance between commercial and culture. You have one of the world’s leading booze brands, Heineken, telling you to basically cut down on your alcohol. Sure, they say drink SLOWLY meaning still buy. But they want you to be responsible. A lot of other companies do that but it’s pretty creative teaming up with such an iconic DJ and conducting an experiment to change how people club.

One #DMDS Question


The numbers ‘prove it’ and best situation goes to Good Music. I just want to know what nights these were held on. What if they were Thursday and Friday nights (Thursday Night = 2 and Friday Night =1)? Each night attracts different crowds and knowing that you’re not going to work the next day could make you want to down one more (or two).

I don’t have the answer to this, but what I can answer is the excellent song played at the end when Armin rips it up!

What’s that song?

Armin Van Buuren – Save My Night

Love the part when the drop comes in, everyone takes notice and goes BONKERS!

BUT! What kind of site would we be running if there was no remix. ; )

Armin van Buuren – Save My Night (Blasterjaxx Remix)

All In All


Props to Heineken for thinking about the culture and being responsible. Props to Armin for channeling that message and creating yet another sick song. I am crossing my fingers now for club goers because once club owners see that bad DJs help customers rack up bar tabs it could be over for the party scene. Haha…

On that note, Long Live Good Music!

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