Drake – Started From The Bottom (MGK Freestyle)
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Drake – Started From The Bottom (MGK Freestyle)

Machine Gun Kelly Freestyle

Despite his reckless party boy appearance, Machine Gun Kelly (MGK) can rap. In our opinion, he can lay it down as hard as any MC in the game right now.

Sure, he hasn’t ‘exploded’ on to the scene like other new rappers (eg. J.Cole, A$AP) or gained the widespread appeal like Eminem.

But we think he’s getting there. He needs a follow up album and he needs to be gunning it with that one.

Proof he is as skilled as we big him up to be is his Freestyle over Drake’s Started From The Bottom.

Aggressive and raw. He talks about not selling out and making it on his own. Great. But the sad truth is alot of people sell out when the top is in sight. Stay real MGK.

Machine Gun Kelly – Started From The Bottom (MGK Freestyle)

And here’s the original if you need a nice reminder.

Drake – Started From The Bottom

You can check out MGK at his site www.mgklaceup.com/

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