Drake & Beyonce – We All Love Beyonce (A JAYBeatz Mashup)
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Drake & Beyonce – We All Love Beyonce (A JAYBeatz Mashup)

It Was Inevitable

Beyonce announces her summer tour and October’s Very Own pays homage and explains why Girls Love Beyonce.

Well, upon the second listen, maybe not so much. A few days ago, Drizzy released the below track with a few samples from Destiny’s Child, Say My Name, sung by James Fauntleroy.

A great throwback. In this version its slowed down and the bass amped up. In true Drake style, he’s talking about how hard it is to find a nice lady (I would put cold hard cash that he’s lying).

Soak in the original jam before we deliver you the meat. Go ahead now.

Drake Feat. James Fauntleroy – Girls Love Beyonce


Not too shabby right? But what would be better are samples from the actual Destiny’s Child (Children?).

Wish. Come. True.

And there was Jarion Alexander (JAYBeatz). A North Carolina producer who realized the opportunity and pounced on it. The product – magnificent.

This version is probably the one that Drake actually wanted but probably couldn’t get because of the legalities and royalties. Too bad Drizzy. That’s what you get for being famous and in the system!

No problem, we have a good fix. As always, the talented JAYBeatz delivers and he doesn’t disappoint in this mash up (actually he never disappoints). You’ll hear Drake’s material with support from Destiny’s Child. My fav is this version.



Drake & Beyonce – We All Love Beyonce (A JAYBeatz Mashup)

Slick stuff JAYBeatz. Been a fan since your Demonstrate mash up and still an avid one.

Download and support JAYBeatz on his soundcloud! Let us know what you think of the jams either in the comments or any of the social spaces below.

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