Daft Punk and Ellie Goulding – Lose Yourself To Burn
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Daft Punk and Ellie Goulding – Lose Yourself To Burn

A Cosmic Dawn Mash Up

Norwegian producer Cosmic Dawn has delivered an improved version of dare I say…two songs!

For serious, Daft Punk and Ellie Goulding have their fair share of good songs but their latest ones aren’t up to snuff in my opinion.

Take this to start:

Daft Punk – Lose Yourself to Dance

Running off the success of Get Lucky, Lose Yourself To The Dance is OK. It just feels really familiar and a little too slow for it’s own good. Maybe not the best choice as the follow up, even if Pharrell is in it.

Next up is this jam…

Ellie Goulding – Burn

Ellie’s signature dance sound is present again and mirroring the comment I had earlier with Daft Punk – sorta boring. She tries to tone her vocal sound down a little but the result makes her feel reserved. It’s like she didn’t truly come out in her song.

BUT! When you combine the two and pick up the sound a bit, you get something magical and groovy.

Daft Punk and Ellie Goulding – Lose Yourself To Burn (Cosmic Dawn Mash Up)

Good ear Cosmic Dawn and thanks for making two tracks work for me when they originally didn’t. Big UP!

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