D.VELOPED – Extra Fly
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D.VELOPED – Extra Fly

Mash Up Coolness With Some Electro

This mash up is long overdue! D.VELOPED a girl/guy production group that are my go to for remix and mash up goodness. Their track, Extra Fly is no exception. It came out a month ago and needs some more recognition which I am going to give.

Smooth vocal blends along with an unconventional mash up beat gives Extra Fly extra wicked points. What do they use wicked points for? Well, they’ve redeemed them for listener love.

So if you’re packing up and going on that road trip or just wanting to get that body moving and head bopping you have D.Veloped to count on. Here it is, Extra Fly:

D.VELOPED – Extra Fly

Hit up the download in the SoundCloud link above. If your’re playing the who’s who game for this track we can help you out here:

Instrumental samples:

David Grey – Babylon
Tracy Chapman – Fast Car
Spandau Ballet – True
Arrested Development – Mr. Wendell
Alt-J – Dissolve Me

Vocal Samples:

Kanye West – Touch The Sky
Jim Jones – We Fly High

PS – I love David Grey’s Babylon to this day. Still amazing!

D.Veloped’s page is mainly a hub to send you to their social networks, but still check them out. We’re also on the social networks so check us out on either Facebook or Twitter below. Or go old school and leave a comment!

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