Ciara Vs Mariah Carey Vs Aaliyah Vs Candy – Body Party (Mash Up)
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Ciara Vs Mariah Carey Vs Aaliyah Vs Candy – Body Party (Mash Up)

Bow Down To These Lyrical Mash Ups

Slow Jam Sunday! We’re going to be talking about one of my favourites, Ciara.

Being a fan of Ciara, I was stoked to hear her new song Body Party. Her last album was a little bit of a dud in the commercial area ( honestly I didn’t mind it though). Promotion was not being supported by Jive Records and she even shelled out her own cash to promote Gimme Dat, her lead single.

Getting tired from the lack of support, Ciara left and linked up with big man L.A. Reid from Epic Records (the same guy who brought Usher, Outkast and Mariah Carey to your stereos).

Which brings us to today, Body Party. A massive turn around for Ciara and something that will lure old school slow jammers.

Heavily inspired by Ghost Town Dj’s – My Boo, Ciara slows it way down and croons about what sexy time shenanigans she will embark in.

If you haven’t heard, hear it now:

Ciara – Body Party

I dig it already.

When this track hit, the interwebs were buzzing and it was only a matter of time before remixes and mash ups were popping up.

One notable jam was this one from JayBeatz. He does an excellent job mixing in the old and new school creating a flawless track that plays well on its own.

Ciara & Ghost Town DJ’s – Body’s Callin’ U (A JAYBeatz Mashup)

I’ve always been a fan of his work, especially with his Jojo and Drake Mash Up. He does well, starting off slow then moving the song’s mood into the mid tempo range.

However, I found this other gem. AND DAMN!

Ciara Vs Mariah Carey Vs Aaliyah Vs Candy – Body Party (Mashup)

It blows my mind on how well the lyrics intertwine together. The level of detail on the theme and pacing is superb. Double props up to RAHEEMDAPLAYAO4.

Before you think I am all flash and no substance, just listen to the lyrics again. I don’t need Mariah Carey, Aaliyah and Candy to be on the same track to love something. But if you put them together and intertwine the lyrics like this, I am shook.

To give you a run down RaheemD pieced these songs together:

  • Ciara – Body Party
  • Aaliyah – One In A Million (Friggin Classic!)
  • Mariah Carey – H.A.T.E U
  • Candy – Make A Move

And the inspiration to it all!

Ghost Town Dj’s – My Boo

Downloads weren’t up for too long but if you ask nicely in the comments or shout out on Facebook or  Twitter, we’ll go and ask.

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