Ciara – Overdose (Dave Luxe Remix)
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Ciara – Overdose (Dave Luxe Remix)

You’ll OD On This Remix

Ciara was scheduled for a comeback with her 5th album. this time self titled, ‘Ciara’. It received generally good reviews and nearly doubled the sales of her last album, Basic Instinct. If you’re into the R&B music scene you’ll know that Basic Instinct was a complete flop and almost took her out of the music game.

Even though she broke out onto the charts with some love, her singles haven’t hit any of the top 10’s. We’re still loyal followers (have been ever since the days of Goodies) and want to give props to one of her new tracks, Overdose.

Ciara – Overdose

Overdose is a really good blend of R&B mixed in with some Dance to create the perfect track for pop radio.

Brussels producer, Dave Luxe, took Overdose to another direction and brought it to level 2.0.

I would say it’s dance/electronic but it isn’t. Another play of R&B? Not really. It’s in it’s own category, Fresh & Fantastic.

Ciara – Overdose (Dave Luxe Remix)

Grab the free download in the SoundCloud file and give Dave Luxe a shout on his page for such a great track.

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