Chris Brown vs Lana Del Rey – Born To Judge
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Chris Brown vs Lana Del Rey – Born To Judge

Lana Becomes More Haunting With Chris

Alright, we’re passed hump day. Some of us may have started the week rough or we just want to unwind a little.

I have a treat for you today. We’re going to take a break from the dance and have some slow jam / chill time.

We’re going to stick with Lana from yesterday’s dance explosion from Monsieur Adi, but dial it down with her hit, ‘Born To Die’.

I am a slow jam kinda guy myself but this song just haunts me. Some might find slow songs to be boring but Lana makes any of her slow songs powerful. The voice is golden!

Now, combine that with the slow grind of Chris Brown’s Don’t Judge Me and you have a haunting slow burner.

Thanks to producer SmadaLeinad for this one. He’s a producer who manages to deliver mash ups on a consistent basis (it seems almost once or twice a week). The mash ups are usually pop and dance in nature but he decided to venture out of his comfort zone and deliver this gem.

Smadaleinad, if you’re reading – You made alot of slow jammer’s happy this month.

Check it out below:

Chris Brown vs Lana Del Rey – Born To Judge

Background beat comes from: Chris Brown – Don’t Judge Me

Vocals are beautifully by: Lana Del Rey – Born To Die

SmadaLeinad didn’t have to but he offered all of his mash ups available for download on his Mediafire account here. There are alot of tracks, so my suggestion is to dive into his Youtube channel and find the ones you like (there will be alot). Then follow him and leave him a comment.

Or you can leave him a comment below as well. Keep on ripping it up SmadaLeinad!

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  1. Daniel Adams (SmadaLeinad)

    Haha yes I am reading this! Thank you for the article, I love it when people share my stuff around :)

  2. Asep

    Alina, thanks^^ ELLA, oiii kititi!Katta, thanks!Ansma, joo uskon.. :s me4ki oon yritte4nyt tarrarullan kaa repii tosta suurimpia me4e4rie4 pois mut ei auta, ei auta! kiitos tosi paljon, ihanasti sanottu! <:Enya, kititi<3Eve Alice, thanks a lot!Katri, voii kiitos!Hayley, thanks! hahaha : D great!Krissy, thank you!Izael, thanks and me too!Lara, true!Toni, :)My Gaby, thank you^^mickey Vin, thanks a lot!Janna, ooh thanks!Vasilieva, thank you!Anonymous, well thank you!


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