Bruno Mars feat. R. Kelly & Pharrell – Gorilla (G-Mix)
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Bruno Mars feat. R. Kelly & Pharrell – Gorilla (G-Mix)

Add A Few More To The Sexy Times!

The inspiration to Bruno Mars’ most recent album was released last September. If you didn’t check it out, it’s pretty much a 6 minute PG rated strip show. While it didn’t chart as well as his other singles it received plenty of positive vibes from critics.

Bruno Mars – Gorilla

The ladies look good but it still wasn’t enough to crack the top 10. Maybe if Bruno took a page from Robin Thicke’s Blurred Lines book he could have launched this one to the top.

Well, looks like he’s taking a second stab at it with the helps of R Kelly and Pharrell. It’s a good one, with two big urban artists furthering the sexy times theme with their additional vocals. *side note – both R Kelly and Pharrell seem to be tearing it up in the music scene with their features.

Bruno Mars feat. R. Kelly & Pharrell – Gorilla (G-Mix)

While the first seemed pretty PG, these new lyrics definitely make it go dirty – all the way down to the R rating. What do you think? Which one do you prefer?

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