Britney Spears vs A$AP Rocky – Sometimes
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Britney Spears vs A$AP Rocky – Sometimes

Parental Discretion Is Advised

Here’s a cool one for Throwback Thursdays, however, if you’re ears are sensitive to profanity then you may want to go to the next post.

Before Britney Spears went all crazy, marrying K Fed and shaving her head; she was a wholesome girl (at least in the public’s eye).

Her single, ‘Sometimes’ was one of those slow pop jams that didn’t match up to her previous fast paced hits (but I’m sure anyone in 1999 can claim they’ve had some sort of soft spot for this one).

Here’s a quick reminder of the innocence nearly 15 year ago:

Britney Spears – Sometimes

Thinking back, those were some good times. But focussing on the now, rap superstar A$AP Rocky sampled ‘Sometimes’ to gangster the pop jam. How can a track be so hard and softcore at the same time? Let Ryan Hemsworth show you the way.

A$AP Rocky – Thuggin’ Noise (It’s Hemsworth, Bitch Edit)

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