ABCD’s To Building An Audience and Getting Noticed FAST: RR002
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ABCD’s To Building An Audience and Getting Noticed FAST: RR002

In the last episode, we spoke about the 1000 true fans that would take you to fame, fortune and freedom. In this episode, we discuss some of the steps to get your creativity and passion noticed so you can start building your fan base FAST.

One teaser, is the ‘Drafting’ mindset. More to come below!

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  • The ABCD’s of building an audience and fan base FAST.
  • That you already have an existing Audience to help you further build your audience and fan base.
  • That ‘Being yourself’ is key and one of the ways to express yourself is through blogging.
  • Collaboration is key to opening doors for other opportunities and to get noticed
  • Using the Drafting technique can save you time and a lot of effort in gaining an audience. Essentially pop intoa  big platform with a lot of eyes.


Grammy Award Winner and R&B Shaker…John Legend.

What the heck is Drafting? Tru’s explanation here.


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Hey. Welcome to another episode of the Remix Release podcast where we promote and support creative talent by helping you build your following and fueling your passion.

First and foremost, I want to thank you for taking the time and checking Remix Release out. You really could’ve been anywhere else but you decided to tune in here. Thank you for that.

So today, we’re going to talk about not only the ABC’s but the ABCD’s to building an audience and getting noticed fast. So consider these as shortcuts. In our last episode, we talked about the X factor which is your fans. And how they play a role and how successful you become. We’re going to switch gears and we’re now going to talk about how to get there. I specifically want to mention that there’s never really a shortcut but rather, a smarter way to get a loyal, engaged audience, fanbase, customers–basically, a dedicated following. I would even consider this episode more like the Smart, Lazy Man or Women’s Guide To Getting That Dedicated Following. Let’s start right from the top.

A. Let’s talk about your Audience.

I mean your existing audience. The people that are already trying to help you succeed and tune you on. Have you ever thought about asking them to basically share another piece of your work with a friend or two? This is the first step. If you already have an existing audience, why not use them? So really start thinking about that. Make that list of your Top 10 fans, your Top 10 audience members, your Top 10 advocates. And don’t be afraid to ask them, “Hey, if you really like my work, would you consider sharing it with a friend or two? Would you consider sharing it with your network?” If you already have the ball rolling on an existing fanbase, use them. Have them help you get more fans. I just want to add–if you don’t think you have an audience already, you do. I’m pretty sure if you took the time to find this podcast and hit play, you have a few people in your life that support you. Reach out to them and ask them, “So what do I have to do?”

Next up, B, in my case, B is for Blogging.

I could already hear some of you saying, “Woah, I don’t do that stuff. All I do is I focus on my craft or focus on my end product.” But here’s the thing: What is going to differentiate you? Think about it. What is going to set you apart from all those other people that produce the same music, maybe produce the same product–or even if you’re an artist doing a painting. How are you differentiated when there’s so many other people out there that are doing the same thing? Well, it comes down to a matter of perspective and viewpoint. The only way to do that is to fully document it. To share it with the world so they know what stands you’re taking. To show them what personality you have because your experiences and your viewpoints are your own. No one can imitate that.

I’m not even saying that anyone can imitate your craft but the thing is, to really stand out, you have to do things that other people have not done yet. What that means is going beyond your craft in applying the person behind your work. Twitter’s a good way, Facebook is a great way–those are platforms to help you express your ideas and viewpoints but there’s so much more when you have a place to call home where you can invite all your fans, all your advocates, all your customers to just visit and just see what you’re all about. It doesn’t have to be drowned out by other messages or other likes or distractions on those other platforms. So think about it. Blogging. That means your own website. So you can be a differentiator amongst your competition. That’s B. B for Blogging, Being yourself.

Moving onto C. C is Collaboration.

A was using your existing audience. B was creating a differentiator such as your personality to really stand out and give people an excuse to spread the word so you can get more fans. C is about Collaboration. It’s about being open for opportunities to work with other people so you can get your name further out there. I can’t stress enough how some people are not open-minded about these types of opportunities. They’re just shooting themselves in the foot because they’re really closing these doors in being found a lot faster.

More recently, as an example, I’ve had the pleasure in attending a conference where John Legend was the presenter. Granted–it was a marketing conference, and he had a little bit of fun about it saying he didn’t know what he was practically doing there. But he shared a piece of his life in how he finally made it. For those of you who aren’t familiar with John Legend, he is a Grammy award-winning RnB singer. He’s currently signed to Kanye West’s label and his jams are just soul-riveting. You may have heard some of his songs such as ‘All of Me’ or ‘Ordinary People.’ But the biggest thing is that when John was presenting, he attributed his success to collaboration. He never said no to any certain gigs, he accepted every opportunity he could whether it was just writing the song, playing a few keys on the piano or even all-out singing – he just kept on going.

Every opportunity, he owned it. And finally, when Kanye was signed and assumed the main stage and the big spotlight, he brought John Legend with him. If you’re not spending the time in reaching out to people to collaborate with, whether it’s peers in the same field or bloggers that have a built in audience, you’re missing on a huge opportunity. So listen, you’ve got talent. You have a lot of things to offer, just offer those things that you’re good at. And in exchange, you guys could develop a mastermind group of some sort to help check each other in. Just always be collaborating. Always be connecting with people. And as John Legend said it, “Come to the table with openness.” No ego and be humble. That’s when things happen. So always be connecting. You just never know when your big break is going to be. And all it takes is one break.
All right. So we passed through the A, the B, and the C.

We’re going to go to the D which is Drafting.

I’m not talking about drafting–construction plans or work or anything like that. But the art of drafting is probably something you’re already doing. These are the big platforms such as YouTube, SoundCloud, Pinterest or whatever it may be. These make it easy for you to put your work up and have them get discovered. But here’s the thing: You don’t own these avenues. You’re currently joining the party but what you need to do is you actually need to own the party. Let me give you an analogy.

The term ‘drafting’ comes from a racing term of sorts. Some of them related to the road. Think of YouTube, SoundCloud, and Pinterest or any of those other platforms as roads. These roads are where you can pick up passengers along the way to ultimately, as mentioned in the last episode, become your fan, your audience, your advocate. So rather than paving your own road where your fans may or may not be, go on a road that is already paved and then pick up your fans.
So I’m saying this is because you should already be driving on the roads with these other big platforms already have. You have to be riding that wave, riding that road. So this way, you’re sharing someone else’s traffic, let’s say. You’re sharing an audience already. So in the Fast and Furious, it’s called the drafting technique. In a race, and you may have seen this, you have–let’s say it’s a one-on-one car chase. There’s Car 1 and then there’s Car 2. So Car 1is driving further ahead, Car 2 will most likely ride right behind Car 1. The reason for this is because Science has proven that Car 1 is breaking what they call the wind. The wind is actually the resistance that pushes the car back. Even if it’s ever so slightly, it causes the car to emit more energy or work a little bit harder because it has to go against the wind.

However, Car 2 goes right behind Car 1. It doesn’t need to exert that energy to break the wind because Car 1 is using that already. So when they’re near the finish line, Car 2 has to quickly go on its own road and then hit the accelerator and boom, it goes towards the finish line. So I want you to think if you’re going towards the finish line, what roads can you take that are the easiest, that are already prominently there for you to win the race?
I’ll also have this analogy in the show notes but I want you to work smarter, not harder. You can go to as many trade shows, you can pay for as many ads, you can do as many gigs as you want but here’s the thing: When you could spend the least time on the things that don’t matter and more time on the things that do, you’ll see results faster. You’ll find your fans a lot quicker. That’s what I want you to do. So more specifically, in everyday life–and I work in the marketing field, newsjacking is very popular. When something’s hitting all the media outlets, it’s up to us to ride the wave so we can get picked up in the searches. You may have seen this a lot with some newspapers such as like, if there’s a flu outbreak going on, there might be a few other media outlets talking about Ten Ways To Prevent The Flu or Debunking Myths About The Flu–it’s just crazy. But people are searching for. . . the flu at that point. So newsjacking is a very popular tactic to get audience or eyes to a page.

But on a lighter note, musicians do it all the time right now. You may have guessed it but it’s in the form of. . .1, 2, 3 covers. So covers are a great way in getting discovered in finding fans. Your audience is already trying to search for a particular cover and all you need to do is rehash, re-sing a cover so you can be on that, that search, with them. When they go ahead and click on an alternative version of that song, they’ll find you. And the opportunity is just massive. I’m not saying it happens all the time but take for instance our very own, Canadian homegrown talent, Justin Bieber. He grew his audience, naturally, from a cover. It’s Chris Brown’s With You song. And then after that, as we all know, he got discovered by Usher and the rest is history.

So here’s the thing: It’s like, what are you doing? Put yourself in the mind of your ideal fan. What are you doing to try to get into their lives? Stop thinking about your craft and what you do but start thinking about your fan. How are you getting to where they are?

Okay. So those were the ABCD’s.

  • A is for Audience.
  • B is for Blogging.
  • C is for Collaboration.
  • D is for Drafting.

After you found all your fans through those four elements, I just want you to know that there’s no place like home. We all heard that saying but really do mean it. And home is your own website. It’s great. You could be on YouTube making comments, you could be on Twitter giving shout outs to people and hashtagging till the cows come home but there’s nothing like having your own website and controlling the way it looks, what you put up there, and knowing which fans come to visit you. That’s where I’m going to leave you. ABCD, I challenge you to start thinking about each one of those and act upon it.

Again, thank you so much for tuning in to this episode of the Remix Release podcast. Show notes will be on Remember, if you have any questions, leave them in the comment section or send me an e-mail. tru [at] remixrelease [dot] com. Let’s chat about it. I want you to succeed, I want you to find your fans. I’ll catch you on the next episode of Remix Release.

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